EerieCon Two

Activities & Events

Program Notes

EerieCon Two programming will explore a variety of interests.

  • MEET THE GUESTS, hosted this year
    by Edo van Belkom
  • Interview with Mike Resnick
  • Interview with Edo van Belkom
  • Storytelling for children
  • Writers' panel on collaboration
  • A midnight ghost story
  • What Line's Mine?
  • And MUCH, MUCH More....

Art Show

No hanging fee, 10% commission, $5.00 space reservation fee per 4' X 4' panel or 1/2 table (maximum two per artist). For rules and information, send S.A.S.E. to Karen Klinck at the con P. O. Box. If you plan to mail in your work remember that UPS takes up to two weeks and the U.S. Post Office even longer. Please request rules and forms early and plan on sending your work so that it doesn’t arrive after the con. DO NOT SEND ART TO THE HOTEL. A mail–in address will be provided in the rules. Artists attending can begin setting their work up at 2 p.m. on Friday. All personae must be left at the door!

Con Suite

Debby, Scott & Amy’s EVEN MORE Devilishly Delicious & Lushly Liquidous Pleasure Dome will be available during the weekend for your enjoyment.

Reading For The Future

Reading for the Future (RFF) is an international group of science-fiction authors, readers, and educators who want to promote literacy by en-couraging the reading of science fiction by young readers. We are delighted to be at EerieCon Two. RFF is sponsoring a student writing contest as part of the convention, with finalists to be judged by Mike Resnick and Edo van Belkom. In addition, there will be a two hour practical workshop for educators interested in using science fiction in their classrooms, free with admission to the con. The workshop will be held by Dr. David DeGraff of Alfred University and Julie E. Czerneda, author of No Limits: Developing Scientific Literacy Using Science Fiction.

Other Features

  • Video Room featuring continual showing of movies 24 hours a day.
  • Gaming: Watch this page for updated information.
  • Art auction
  • "The People's Auction"
  • Huckster Room
  • Masquerade
  • Room Parties
  • Autograph Sessions
  • If casino gambling turns you on, don't forget (in case you have any funds left after visiting the huckster room and participating wildly in the auctions) you can walk across to Canada and get rid of what's left.


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