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EerieCon Two is proud to welcome the following guests. A link on a guest's name points to that guest's official web site.

Guests of Honor

Mike Resnick
Mike Resnick sold his first article in 1957, his first short story in 1959, and his first book in 1962. His breakthrough novel was the international bestseller Santiago, in 1986. Subsequent novels include Stalking The Unicorn, The Dark Lady, Ivory, Second Contact, Paradise, Purgatory, Inferno, the bestselling Widowmaker trilogy, and the collection, Will The Last Person To Leave The Planet Please Shut Off The Sun?.

Beginning with Shaggy B.E.M. Stories in 1988, Mike has also become an anthology editor (and was nominated for a Best Editor Hugo in 1994 and 1995). His list of anthologies totals more than 20, and includes Alternate Presidents, Alternate Kennedys, Sherlock Holmes In Orbit, By Any Other Fame, Dinosaur Fantastic, and Christmas Ghosts.

Mike has written and sold more than 100 short stories since 1986, and now spends more time on short fiction than on novels. His "Kirinyaga" series, with 61 major and minor awards and nominations to date, is the most honored series of stories in the history of science fiction.

He's recently begun writing short non-fiction as well. He sold a 4-part series, "Forgotten Treasures", to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and is a regular columnist for Speculations and the SFWA Bulletin.

Edo van Belkom
Bram Stoker Award winner Edo van Belkom is the author of over 130 stories of science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery to such magazines and anthologies as Storyteller, On Spec, RPM, Northern Frights, Hot Blood 6, Robert Bloch's Psychos, Year's Best Horror Stories 20, Year's Best Horror 1997, and Best American Erotica 1999. His books include the non-fiction title, Northern Dreamers: Interviews With Famous Authors Of Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror, and the recently released short story collection, Death Drives A Semi.

Poetry Guest of Honor

Darrell Schweitzer
Darrell Schweitzer is a World Fantasy Award winning co-editor of Weird Tales, and the author of about 250 published stories and three novels. The novels are The White Isle, The Shattered Goddess, and The Mask Of The Sorcerer. The stories have been published in Amazing, Interzone, Twilight Zone, and many anthologies, including, most recently, Strange Attractions edited by Edward Kramer. Some of the stories are collected into We Are All Legends, Tom O'Bedlam's Night Out, Transients, Refugees From An Imaginary Country, and Nightscapes. His collaborations with Jason Van Hollander are collected as Necromancies And Netherworlds. Recently his essays have been collected in Windows Of The Imagination.

Schweitzer makes a point of supporting fantastic poetry, particularly in Weird Tales. His own serious verse has appeared in Dark Horizons, Nightmares And Daydreams, Amazing, and The Year's Best Fantasy And Horror.

To celebrate his being Poetry Guest of Honor at EerieCon, Wildside Press has released a collection of Darrell's serious verse, entitled Death's Favorite Snapshots.

Artist Guest of Honor

Cline A. Siegenthaler
Cline A. Siegenthaler is a part-time freelance illustrator and a full-time movie projectionist from Cleveland, Ohio. He enjoys projects that require a lot of non-human types (Dragons, gargoyles, dinosaurs, leather-clad lizards on motorcycles, etc...)

Cline has had work published in a handful of gaming manuals and had a comic book, Biff Thundersaur, published in 1991.

Other Distinguished Guests

Anne Bishop
Anne Bishop is the author of Daughter of the Blood, Heir To The Shadows, Queen Of The Darkness and the forthcoming The Invisible Ring (October 2000). Her stories have appeared in Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears; Black Swan, White Raven; Horrors! 365 Scary Stories; Silver Birch, Blood Moon; Treachery And Treason; and Explorer.

Steve Carper
His first SF sale was a story written at the 1972 Clarion West Workshop. More sales to magazines ranging from the original Galaxy to Asimov's to Odyssey followed. He has also reviewed SF for over twenty years, and currently reviews magazines and short fiction for Tangent.

Out in the real world, however, his Milk Is Not For Everybody: Living With Lactose Intolerance is considered the last word on the subject. He is also the co-author of How To Tell If Your Children Are Using Drugs, and the editor of the humor anthology, The Defective Detective: Mystery Parodies By The Great Humorists. He lives in Rochester with too many books on too many subjects.

Doug Chaffee
An artist for over 30 years, Doug Chaffee's military art has been seen all over the world in national magazines and at international shows, like the Paris Air Show. He has painted the Trident submarine, the official program paintings of the U.S. Navy, and helicopter and ship paintings featured in such magazines as Surface Warfare, All Hands, and U.S. Navy Proceedings.

His artwork has appeared in Strategy and Tactics magazine as well as many game books and module games covers and interiors. He painted the official poster for the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, as well as a mural for the Knoxville Airport. Doug also created a mural for IBM's Washington, D.C., headquarters.

(Excerpted from a bio written by Marine Dorris for Rivercon)

Julie E. Czerneda
Julie E. Czerneda, a former researcher in animal communication, has turned her fascination with things biological into the alien species she explores in her science fiction. A Campbell Award Finalist for 1999, she is currently writing two series for DAW Books: The Trade Pact Universe, about evolutionary pressures on an intelligent species, and Web Shifters, about an accident-prone, semi-immortal shapeshifter. Julie also has a standalone SF novel coming from DAW in 2001, In The Company Of Others.

In her spare time, Julie is involved in producing science and science fiction resources for educators, including: No Limits: Developing Scientific Literacy Using Science Fiction, for high school, and Tales From The Wonder Zone (summer 2000), a series of illustrated original SF anthologies for younger readers. She lives in Orillia, Ontario, with her husband Roger and their children, Jennifer and Scott,

Merri Lee Debany
Merri Lee Debany weaves her stories around Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, and Fables from around the world as well as creating her own original tales. With warmth and ease, and using many dialects, she engages her listeners in animated, high energy performances. Her audiences range from preschoolers to senior citizens. A former teacher, Merri Lee was born and raised in Western New York.

David Degraff
David DeGraff has a Ph.D. in physics and astronomy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He currently teaches at Alfred University, where in addition to the usual physics and astronomy classes, he teaches seminars on Science in Science Fiction, Living in Space, and Time Travel. His research has ranged from some of the most distant objects in the Universe, radio galaxies and quasars, to the nearest, Earth-crossing asteroids. DeGraff lives in Alfred, NY, with his wife and family.

Samuel R. Delany
Samuel R. Delany, born April Fool's Day, 1942, grew up in New York City's Harlem. His novels Babel-17 and The Einstein Intersection both won Nebula Awards, as have his short fictions "Aye", and "Gomorrah and Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones" (which also won a Hugo). His books include The Jewels of Aptor, The Fall of the Towers, Nova, Driftglass, Dhalgren and TRITON.

With his wife, National Book Award-winning poet Marilyn Hacker, he co-edited the speculative fiction quarterly Quark. He also wrote, directed and edited the half-hour film The Orchid. In 1975 he was visiting Butler Chair Professor of English at the University at Buffalo. Delany and Hacker have lived between New York, San Francisco and London. They have one daughter.

(Excerpted from a bio from

Nick DiChario
Nick DiChario has published short stories of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery in several magazines and anthologies, including The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, SF Age, Crime Through Time, and most recently the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Twelfth Edition. Nick is currently co-editing a mystery anthology with Mary Stanton entitled Death Dines at 8:30, which will be published in the year 2000. Since his first story appeared in 1992, Nick has been nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, the Hugo Award, and the World Fantasy Award.

Doranna Durgin
Dun Lady's Jess, Doranna Durgin's first published fantasy novel, received the 1995 Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Award for the best first book in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. When she's not writing, Doranna runs a fiction critique and builds web pages for authors. She lives in upstate New York.

Lynn Flewelling
Lynn Flewelling's first novel, Luck In The Shadows was chosen by Locus as a Recommended First Novel and was a finalist for the Compton Crook Award. The sequel, Stalking Darkness appeared in 1997 and a third book in what has become The Nightrunner series, Traitor's Moon, was published in 1999. She's currently at work on an unrelated fantasy novel, The Bone Doll's Twin. A Mainer in exile, Flewelling currently resides in East Aurora, New York.

Mark A. Garland
Mark Garland has spent the last dozen years reading, going back to school, attending conventions, and writing. His works include Sword Of The Prophets and two more Baen fantasy novels, two Star Trek novels including Trial By Error, a Dinotopia novel, Rescue Party, and more than forty published short stories, poems & articles including the new UFO Files from DAW. He lives in Upstate New York with his wife, their three children, and (of course) a cat.

Lois Gresh
Lois H. Gresh is the coauthor of The Termination Node and The Computers of Star Trek. She's published dozens of suspense and science fiction stories. Six of her stories were nominated for the Bram Stoker and Theodore Sturgeon Awards.

Derwin Mak
Derwin Mak is an author of quirky science fiction short stories. His writing career has been diverse, ranging from being the only foreign correspondent of The T&A Times (Oregon's newspaper for strip bars) to writing scholarly papers about Napoleonic nobility for a historical conference. He writes the science fiction short story series Project Trojan and the Metamorphs under the pseudonym David Lockhart for The T&A Times. He is also the only science fiction author to have a costuming award named after him, the Derwin Mak Attack Award for twisted humour, at the Toronto Trek masquerade.

John-Allen Price
John-Allen Price was born on August 19th, 1954 in Washington, D.C. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, where he won the Pendell journalism award for his work on the school newspaper in 1977. His books include Doomsday Ship, Operation Night Hawk, Extinction Cruise A Mission For Eagles, The Pursuit Of The Phoenix, The Siege Of Ocean Valkyrie, and Phoenix Caged. His first SF novel, Mutant Chronicles II: Frenzy, was published in 1994.

Robert J. Sawyer
Robert J. Sawyer is a full-time science-fiction writer living in Toronto. His The Terminal Experiment won the Nebula Award for Best Novel of 1995; his Starplex was the only novel to be nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Novel of 1996; and he was 1998's only double Hugo Award nominee (best novel for Frameshift and best short story for "The Hand You're Dealt." In addition, Rob has won five Aurora Awards (more than any other English-language author), an Arthur Ellis Award from the Crime Writers of Canada, and the top SF awards in Japan (the Seiun), France (Le Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire), and Spain (Premio UPC de Ciencia Ficcion). Rob's most recent novels are Illegal Alien, Factoring Humanity, and Flash-Forward.

Mary Stanton
Mary Stanton's first novel, Heavenly Horse From the Outermost West, a fantasy, was published in 1988. She went on to write another fantasy book, Piper at the Gate, before trying her hand at mysteries. In 1994, she adopted the pen name of Claudia Bishop and published her first Hemlock Falls novel, A Taste for Murder. She has just completed the eighth book in the series, Marinade for Murder, which will be published in the year 2000. Most recently, Mary is working on a fantasy series for middle-grader readers. Eight books of this series, Unicorns of Balinor, will be published by spring. Mary is also currently co-editing a mystery anthology with Nick DiChario, Death Dines at 8:30.

David Stephenson
Dr. David Stephenson is a space physicist whose publications include twenty reviewed papers, editorials in the Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, various articles and reports and the "Ulysses Speaks" satirical column in Canadian Research. He is a frequent panelist at science fiction conventions across Canada and his "Enterprise 2067, designing a real interplanetary cruiser" lecture attracted enthusiastic audiences at two worldcons.

Pat York
Pat York lives in East Aurora with her husband, children and three arrogant cats. Her short fiction has appeared in Full Spectrum V, Realms Of Fantasy, Silver Birch-Blood Moon and a number of other places. She is working on her second book, a fairy tale about being cool. The first book is cooling its heals at a publishing house, waiting to be read.
With music by Ookla the Mok
Rand Bellavia and Adam English have been writing and performing songs together since 1991. With the able assistance of Doug White on bass guitar, equipment, van, recording studio, and just about everything else a band needs, Ookla the Mok is trying their darndest to be fandom's own rock band.

Basically, Ookla the Mok is predicated on the notion that there just aren't enough songs out there about Mr. Potato Head and Aquaman. If you still haven't forgiven your father for throwing your view master reels away while you were at college, or if you ever wondered why Riker seems to gain five pounds every season, Ookla is the band for you.

Ookla has played at numerous science fiction conventions (including Worldcon and Marcon), released two CDs, won a best songwriting Pegasus, and had a track appear on a recent Dr. Demento CD.


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