Saturday Schedule
  Rainbow A Rainbow B Salon Ballroom A
10:00 am Should I become an Editor? Life at a Con Readings by
Ann Bishop
11:00 am Scarcity of Female Lead Characters Birth of a Book Readings by
Edo van Belkom
12 noon Is There a Place for Religion in the Writing World? Best & Worst of 2001ís Movies Merry Lee Debany:   Storyteller (Children)
12:30 pm Readings by
Lynn Flewelling
1:00 pm Forgotten / Little-known Classics Hideous, Horrible Happenings
1:30 pm Merry Lee Debany:   Storyteller (Adults)
2:00 pm Will 9/11 Change the Writing World? Influential Early Writers Readings by
Derwin Mak

3:00 pm Donít Give Up Your Day Job! Death From Space Readings by
Robert Sawyer
4:00 pm Researching Erotica & Pornography
How to Write a Successful Series Readings by
Hal Clement
5:00 pm     What Lineís Mine?
6:00 pm Media Fandom Round Table  
7:00 pm   SCA:  Medieval Fighting Demo
8:00 pm Masquerade
9:00 pm Art Auction
10:00 pm Create Your Own Panels 1
10:30 pm Concert by
Ookla the Mok
11:00 pm Create Your Own Panels 2