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Rand Bellavia and Adam English have been writing and performing songs together since 1991. Guitars in hand, they searched vainly for a bar that was filled with comic book and Star Trek fans, until a mutual friend introduced them to filk.

Now, with an even bigger and better stage show, including guest appearances such as Dr. Doom, Aquaman, Superskrull, Medieval Evil Knievel, and Fat Riker!, Ookla! is fandom’s own rock band!

Basically, Ookla! is predicated on the notion that there just aren't enough songs out there about Mr. Potato Head and Aquaman. If you still haven't forgiven your father for throwing your view master reels away while you were at college, or if you ever wondered why Riker seems to gain five pounds every season, Ookla! is the band for you.

Ookla! has played at numerous science fiction conventions, including Worldcon and a Filk Guest of Honor slot at Marcon. They have released three cds, and are currently releasing their fourth, OH OK LA. They have won a best songwriting Pegasus and had a track appear on a recent Dr. Demento CD. This year, they wrote the theme for Disney’s Filmore, a new Saturday morning TV show on ABC at 9:00 A.M.

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