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Activities & Events

Panel Topics

    Panel: Members of the Con Committee
  2. PEOPLE AND THING AUCTION Come bid high and often on strange and exotic items. No bids or raises under 25¢!!!!! Money raised goes to help keep EerieCon going.
    Auctioneers: Dan Litten and John Hall
  3. LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW Interviews by the Daring Dutchman, Edo van Belkom, with Top 10 by John-Allen Price.
    Panel: Brust, Czerneda, Steele, McDermott, Bishop, Gardner, Mak
  4. POETRY ROUND-ROBIN All poets welcome: bring your work. Hosted by Carolyn Clink and David Clink, EerieCon's Poets Lauriette
  5. SO WHAT DO WE HAVE TO SAY Is there anything unique about LGBT SF/Fantasy/Horror? Does our position as outsiders give us a different viewpoint? Aside from the mechanics of sex what is different from the writing of straight authors? What's there that might be of interest to those outside our subculture?
    Panel: Garland, Brust, York, Soles
    Moderator: Lijewski
  6. THE SMALL PRESS There is a rebirth of small press books. Why is it happening and what is the importance of the small press? Can a successful career be based on just the small press?
    Panel: Schweitzer, Brahen, Ganley
    Moderator: Steele
  7. WORLD BUILDING IN 60 MINUTES A primer for for aspiring world builder.
    Panel: Steele, Brust, McDermott, Flewelling
    Moderator: Czerneda
  8. XXX SCHOOL GIRL CONFIDENTIAL XXX White blouses, sailor suits, blue blazers, school crests, pom-poms. There's nothing like a school girl. A tribute to our favorite school girls from Misa Kuroi to Buffy Summers. Hosted by Derwin Mak. ADULTS ONLY
  9. NOT WITH A BANG Ways the world might end in fiction and reality.
    Panel: Kress, McDermott, Stephenson
    Moderator: Gardner
  10. WRITING FROM A NON-HUMAN POINT OF VIEW Can it be done successfully? Give some examples.
    Panel: Price, York, Gardner
    Moderator: van Belkom
  11. COLLABORATION Are two heads better than one? How can the creative process be shared? Successful collaborators talk about the process.
    Panel: Garland, Brahen, van Belkom
    Moderator: Schweitzer
  12. MYTH AND LEGEND AS INSPIRATION WRewriting them into your own stories. Give some examples.
    Panel: McDermott, Gardner, Flewelling
    Moderator: Brust
  13. JUNK FOOD WARS Cheese noodle sculpture contest conducted by master sculptor David Clink - Theme: Zombies. Rules and entry forms at registration.
    2004 Winner: Paul Salivar
  14. THE CARE AND UPBRINGING OF THE CREATIVE PROCESS What writers do and think to keep the creative process in motion.
    Panel: Gresh, Czerneda, Kress, Garland
    Moderator: Steele
  15. THE PULPS VS. TODAY'S MAGAZINES Were the old publications better than today's? If so why did they fail?
    Panel: Brahen, Schweitzer, van Belkom
    Moderator: Mak
  16. BASICS FOR BEGINNING WRITERS From story openers to character development to submission procedures, authors offer guidance to aspiring writers.
    Panel: Brust, Soles, Kress, Gresh, Bishop
    Moderator: Flewelling
  17. LIFE WITH AN AUTHOR Spouses talk about what life with an author is like; foibles, habits, and maybe even some secrets.
    Panel: Roberta van Belkom, Roger Czerneda, Daneen Mcdermott, Mattie Brahen (Schweitzer)
    Moderator: Carolyn Clink
  18. SHORT VS. LONGER FICTION Why would anyone who sells novels bother with lower paying short fiction? Have you ever expanded a short story into a novel that was better than the short story?
    Panel: Steele, McDermott, Gresh, Schweitzer, Garland
    Moderator: York
  19. POWERING THE 21ST CENTURY An overview of the world's future energy options. Talk by Dr. David Stephenson
  20. WHAT LINE'S MINE? Our most popular panel. Individual lines are taken out of works. Panelists must guess who wrote them. Hosted by Amy Kauderer.
    Contestants: Czerneda, Brust, van Belkom, Bishop, Flewelling, Gardner
  21. MEDIA FANDOM ROUND TABLE Discuss your favorite genre. All welcome. Hosted by Dennis Blake.
  22. ANIME/MANGA What you should see after watching Hamtaro, Sailor Moon, Inu-Yashu, etc.
    Panel: V. Kujawa, Mak, Blake
    Moderator: S. Kauderer
  23. REAL SETTINGS FOR SF/FANTASY/HORROR What places in the real world make you feel as though you are in an actual setting of a fictional world?
    Panel: Steele, Gardner, York
    Moderator: Czerneda
    Panel: Ennis, Flewelling, Mak
    Moderator: Price
  25. IS IT LITERATURE? Are our favorite genres literature or just entertainment and a way to make a buck?
  26. MAGNETIC POETRY Make a poem with words you will be given. Trade words. Fun for all ages. Relax and enjoy. Hosted by Carolyn Clink and David Clink.
  27. THE GREAT MYTHOS IN LITERATURE Cthulu, Middle Earth, Star Wars, etc. We discuss the great ones in all genres.
    Panel: Gardner, York, Price, Brahen
    Moderator: Schweitzer
  28. LIVE FROM TITAN Well, not live, but the latest if all goes well with Cassini. Talk by Dr. David DeGraff
  29. WRITERS WORKSHOP Having a problem with your writing? Stuck or unsure what to do next? To help, instead of a traditional workshop, EerieCon is offering you a chance to sit down and discuss your problems with our GOH authors. The workshop is limited to ten, so sign up early.
    Panel: Brust, Czerneda, Steele
  30. WHAT MAKES A BOOK, TV SHOW OR FILM INTO A CULT? What is it about them that attracts a loyal following?
  31. BITCHES AND BOUQUETS Sit down with members of the Con Committee with your complaints and suggestions. (We will also accept compliments.)
    Panel: Members of the Con Committee