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Steven Brust

Steven Karl Zoltan Brust is a writer whose work often shows his love for his Hungarian heritage. Born on November 23rd, 1955, Brust makes his home in a sprawling country house on the outskirts of Minneapolis with his wife, Reen, their four children, and a fluctuating number of other housemates and assorted wildlife.

Brust is the author of several novels, including Brokedown, To Reign in Hell, and the books of the Vlad Taltos series, and one solo record, "A Rose For Iconoclastes". He is also a founding member of the legendary Minneapolis Scribblies Fantasy Writer's Group. In addition to writing, he plays drums, banjo, and guitar in a variety of musical groups. Other interests include Shotokan karate, fencing, pistol-shooting, folk music, poker, computers, and cooking.

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