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Derwin Mak

Derwin Mak is an author of quirky science fiction stories. Recent and upcoming publications: "It Came to Eat Our Chicken Wings" (Rice Paper, Fall 2002), the story of two beautiful Florida waitresses, a mysterious spaceship, and a car show; "The Siren Stone" (Space, Inc., a DAW Books anthology, summer, 2003), about a haunted asteroid. He is the first science fiction writer to be interviewed and profiled in CA Magazine, Nov., 2002, the magazine for Canadian chartered accountants, since he is possibly the only Canadian chartered accountant to write and publish science fiction stories. His areas of expertise and education include business, military history (he has a Masterís degree in military studies and history), costuming (he has won numerous costuming awards) and saints and sinners (explanation to be provided at the convention). He was most honored to be the first workmanship judge at the EerieCon masquerade last year. He also visited Marmora, Ontario, the site of alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which is why he volunteered for the "Gods and Goddesses" panel.

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