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About Us

Buffalo Fantasy League

Buffalo Fantasy League was founded in 1949, dedicated to the celebration and enjoyment of all literature, audio/visual media and memorabilia in the fields of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy. For membership information write to us at the following address:

Buffalo Fantasy League
PO Box 412
Amherst Branch
Buffalo, NY 14226

or e-mail us at:

Whoís Who
Dennis Blake
Video Room &

David Ennis

Joe Fillinger
Guest Liaison &

W. Paul Ganley
Program Book

Scott Gawrys
Con Suite

Andrea Hedgecock
Art Show Assistant

Mary Hewitt
Hotel Liaison &

Heather Kalisiak
Dealer Room

Amy Kauderer
Con Suite &
Assít Hotel Liaison

Karen Klinck
Art Show

Jill Lapham

K. M. Vince Lijewski

Debby MacDougall
Con Suite Czarina

Jeanne Miller

Terry Mogavero
Art Show Assistant

Asa Swain

Security and Art Auction
by the Dorsai Irregulars, Ltd.